Take a Break!

I feel the virtual side-eyes and can only imagine the snarky thoughts. “Take a break?!” “What are you breaking from?! Not posting?!”

To that I say…”hmph!”

I’ve been super busy lately with grad school and work and I’m looking forward to the holidays and things temporarily slowing down. My hectic schedule often leaves me tired and unfocused. It’s been super difficult to hit the gym for a “meaningful” workout.  I usually only end up working out once or twice a week, hence the lack of posts. You can’t write a fitness blog if you’re not being fit that often!  Since I’m not spending hours in the gym on a daily basis, it’s important for me to take lil “breaks” where I can check my instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter, stretch, or take a quick walk around my office.  It helps me be more productive and shakes off my fatigue.

I was sent this lovely infographic, from onlinebusinessdegree.com, that lays out, quite convincingly, how important breaks are to your mental and physical health.

I’m heading off for my lunch “break” right now! How do you guys break? And, how often?


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