Three For Friday: Good Reads

Happy Friday folks!


When I’m not complaining about eating right and working out, I can usually be found watching trash TV or reading. Reading is one of my favorite past-times. I love to read blogs, magazines, books, anything really.  This week’s Three for Friday is a collection of the three health related books I’ve been reading recently.  Let’s jump right into it!

I read this book recently and it I was surprised at how funny and charming it was.  It didn’t make me trade in watching Love and Hip Hop for running a 5k but it did give me some insight on how to get started. My neighbor currently has me on a walk/run plan that he swears is going to have me prepared for a half marathon by March (he’s sweet, but delusional), much of the plan mimics some of the tips the author, Dawn Dais gives you.

I picked up this book after seeing the author on The View one random day.  His approach to health is similar to Tri-Anything Fitness’, do a bunch of random stuff, see what works and what sticks and try not to kill yourself during the process. This approach to health has led me to try kettlebell workouts, spin, zumba, vegetarianism, juicing,  and now veganism.

I started reading this book about three weeks ago. I had been toying with the idea of adopting a more plant based lifestyle but hesitated on fully commiting. After reading Dr. Barnard’s book, I decided to take the 21 day challange. The recipes are good, the advice isn’t too preachy, and the results of the plan are almost immediate.  I’m on day 20 and things are going very well. I’ll probably continue on the plan well past day 21.

Health related or not, are you guys reading anything good?



One thought on “Three For Friday: Good Reads

  1. Lately I’ve traded in my nighttime reading for some Animal Planet TV-watching. I must find more balance between books and TV. hehe. Animal Planet is starting to be such a hog. (yep, I’m a nature nerd)

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