Random: I’m in Love

I really need someone to find this fat ass dog and bring it to me.

Yesterday, Sheri sent me a link to this amazing little creature, and I’ve been enamored with it ever since. I really, really, really want a dog and this one seems like a kindred spirit! We can work out together and eat well. My love is the only thing that’s stopping lil Obie from reaching his fitness potential!

I’m aware that Obie has a new mom but she seems unfit (no, I don’t have anything to support this charge). Also, nobody yelled at Madonna when she adopted an orphan with parents so I’m not sure why Obie can’t be adopted by me!

I enjoy laying down in bed too Obie! TWINSIES!

I’ll let Erikia, a real life, legit blogger, who posts on a regular basis tell you why having a dog is the best thing for your wellness since the Vitamixer.

More action! More activity! What I eventually learned the hard way was that all dogs aren’t simply “lap dogs.” Dogs have varying levels of energy, and you, as their owner, have to ensure that they’re getting activity that meets or exceeds their needs.

Do you know what this means? It means if I get Obie, I get more exercise, and he gets smaller. We get healthy! Together! At the same damn time!

I’m off to go stalk Obie’s facebook page. Do any of you have a dog? Has the dog helped you reach your fitness goals?


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