Guess Who’s Bizzack!

*peeks out sheepishly from behind the computer* Hey guys, how’s it been going? Long time no see.


I’m sure you were wondering (or not wondering: RUDENESS) where we’ve all been. I’m not sure where the hell Sheri and Tha Mgmt have been (I’m lying I know exactly where they are) but I’ve been around, working harder than I like and enjoying DC restaurant week.  I don’t know what city you reside in dear reader but if that city has a restaurant week I encourage you to partake.  You get to go to super fancy restaurants for about $35 for three courses!  Here are a few snapshots of the terrible and terribly delicious things I’ve been indulging in:


As you can see, copious amounts of wine and chocolate were consumed. At least I got a deal on all those calories right?

The problem with gorging yourself on truly decadent food is that afterwards you aren’t really in the mood to workout.  The weird thing about being a fitness blogger is that when you’re not being fit you don’t have much to write about.  Then you look up and realize you haven’t updated your beloved WordPress in over a week.

After being yelled at and berated by lovingly chided by my trainer, I realized that I not only need to stop drowning myself in chocolate, wine, and other delicacies that are supposed to be enjoyed in infrequently,  but that I need to get more serious about sticking to a gym schedule.  Graduate school starts back up next week and my time will only get tighter.  Having a workout plan in place will, hopefully, keep me far more focused than I’ve been. My goals are to workout five times a week and have a variety of classes/routines. Here’s what I’ve got planned:

Sunday: Wild Card-I know starting off the week without a plan sounds counterproductive, but Sundays I catch up on sleep or go to church or go to book club or some other activity that makes it difficult to nail down a specific time to take a class/go workout. I do have lots of time on Sunday so whatever I choose will be 60-90 minutes in length and will probably be a strengthening routine.

Monday @ 7:30 pm: Yoga and 30 minutes of cardio (cardio minutes are dependent on whether or not the metro screws me over and holds me up, which it’s prone to do because DC Metro sucks.)

Tuesday @ 7:00 am: Jogging intervals on the treadmill for 30 minutes 15 minutes of abs/floor work

Wednesday: REST

Thursday @ 7:00 am: Spin class – I actually haven’t taken this instructor before but if she sucks anywhere as much as the Tuesday at 7 am instructor I’ll be filling this slot with another exercise

Friday @ 6:00 pm: Training session with my trainer-This will guarantee that I get into the gym on Fridays and miss happy hour (and the additional calories that come with it).

Saturday: REST (unless I don’t want to, but I’ll probably want to, or a replacement day if I’ve somehow managed to sleep through Tuesday or Thursday’s workout)

So there’s the plan! I was pretty generous with myself so I think I should be able to stick with it.  Tell me what you think!



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