Tri-Anything: Juicy July Recap

So we’re over a week into August and I realized that I never recapped Juicy July.

What a fail.

Anyway better late than never right? Right! For brevity’s sake (since I’m running late and all) let’s get into it with some lists.


1.  Energy- on days I juiced my energy was through the roof! Forget caffeine, vegetables are what stifle mid-morning yawns. Vegetables also help you clear your dresser. I wish I had a before to show you the clusterf*ck it was before the juice.

2. Skin- Did I tell you I cured my own eczema? No? Well I did! With juicing!

[BRIEF ASIDE: I may or may not  have had eczema.  There was a dry and rough patch of skin on my chin that was annoying me.  My friend who works at a dermatologists office and who’s also an event planner, told me, one evening over margaritas, that I probably had eczema.  I took his untrained, half drunk diagnosis as fact.  That’s beside’s the point, it’s gone now and my skin glows. This aside is no longer brief, so look at me glow!]

Glowing in crappy office lighting.

3. Nails- My nails are stronger and longer. A month’s worth of mani’s for proof.



1. The Hungries- I don’t know how folks do juice fasts and not kick small animals.  Juices are not meal replacements, they’re more of a meal supplement.  As a supplement they can add additional calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight, you might want to watch which fruits and veggies you select to juice.

2. Pulp- What does one do with pulp? It makes me feel very wasteful throwing all that good stuff down the drain.

3. Storage- I want to juice every day but i’m lazy.  I’d love to be able to make juice in bulk for the week and drink it at my leisure. I haven’t quite figured out how to make that happen.

All in all I’m pleased with my juicer and the effects juicing has had on my life. I intend to juice often and regularly and I encourage you to do the same!

Do you juice? What are your favorite combos?


3 thoughts on “Tri-Anything: Juicy July Recap

  1. LOL, yes 100 days. If you want to keep juice for the week just freeze it. Juicing fresh is best, but you do what you have to. On my “Tips” page I added an article about how long juices last and also have tips on how to juice faster in the mornings.

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