Solid Gold

Despite having a gym in my apartment complex, I decided this weekend to become a member of Gold’s Gym.   I tried to avoid joining a gym for several reasons, the main one being that I felt it was a waste of money considering that I had a gym in my complex.  I also didn’t want to be stuck in a contract for a year.  Ultimately I joined a gym because my I needed to start weight lifting again and my complex didn’t have the resources to help me do that. I also wanted to take more group exercise classes and, economically, it makes more sense to do so for free with a gym membership then to constantly scouring Groupons for deals.

When I purchased my membership, I also purchased 4 personal training sessions.  As The Management discussed, personal training helps you figure out how to go about reaching your goals.  I’ve never been comfortable with weight training outside of group exercise classes.  I’m sure that my form and muscle growth has suffered as a result of my ignorance.  It is my hope that within these four sessions I would have become more familiar with my body mechanics, how to build a workout, and how to use the machines in the gym.

I met for with my trainer for the first time yesterday.  He was in an awfully good mood for someone who was in the gym on Monday night at 8 pm.  I figured it was because he didn’t know there was quality television programming to watch at that hour, such as Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.  Once we got started, I realized that he was a sadist and he was in a chipper mood because he was well aware of the pain he was going to inflict on me. Remember this contraption that I saw when I went to visit XSport Fitness?

Torture device or fitness equipment?


Gold’s has one and the question has been answered: it is in fact a torture device.   My trainer had me do a quick warm-up and then headed over to the device and had me do squats, followed by pushups, followed by burpees, followed by some weird rope thingy that made my shoulders and back burn, followed by some other weird rope thingy that made my shoulders and back burn in a completely new way, followed by planks.  I did that once and was proud of myself, I was smiling, and I even high fived him at the end of the circuit! It was super difficult but I finished! Go Me! Then he told me that we’d be doing that three more times.  There were no more smiles; there were no more high fives.

After the last circuit I collapsed onto the mat, barely managing to hold my last plank.  “Finally,” I thought, “I can lay in a pool of my own sweat on this mat and rest peacefully” Unfortunately there was still 15 minutes left our session and he had this odd notion of giving me what I paid for. So I got up and we spent the remainder of the session working on some balancing exercises (which were terrible in their own separate way but I’ll discuss that another time).  We finally finished and I must have been delirious or something because I told him I’d meet him at the gym next week Monday at 8 pm again. I also heard myself promising him that I’d be working on the exercises he showed me during the week.

I complain a lot but I am happy that I’m a member of a gym. I think.

Where do you get your workouts in? Are you considering joining a gym or getting a trainer?



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