Ok, since the beginning of July, I’ve managed to ingest more red meat than I have since I’ve gone semi-meatless and I’ve had quite a few indulgences in sweet tooth land. Here’s a recap :

TRUST. This was as yummy as it looked!

4th of July – Went to a BBQ with TheMgmt and DondaRex and made cheesecake brownies for the crew. I proceeded to take two pieces and wrap up the leftovers because, ya know, I didn’t want anyone else to be tempted by the ooey, gooey chocolate sinfulness.

Trying to get rid of the evidence here…

Here I am after going HAM on some pork. (HA! Get it? Ham? Pork?  *crickets* moving on…) Mind you this was my first plate of FIVE that I had that day, which was heavy on the meat, light on the health.

Since I only ate half, I was only half as bad right??

ARFAM Festival – I mean c’mon! Its Funnel CAKE!! Now I’m not putting anyone on blast but my friend and fellow blogger DondaRex put me onto this powdery fried concoction on a trip to Kings Dominion when I was in college and I’ve been in love ever since. My only saving grace is that I only have funnel cake with my enabling friend DondaRex once every 2 years or so.

Now why am I airing all my bad eating indiscretions? To show that even though it’s easy to fall off the wagon, you do not have to stay off! I know that while I do my best to follow my own advice and eat a well-balanced diet, sometimes I do a bit too much indulging. Below are some ways that I get myself right back on track:

1)      Fill up on fiber: After having a few heavy, protein rich meals, I try to fill up on as much fiber as I can. Things like leafy greens, beans, as well as lots of fruits and veggies really help clean my system and get rid of that bloated feeling a few days after ingesting a big meal. Some studies say it takes 3 days for your body to break down meat in your body! Yuck! All the more reason to increase your fiber intake.

2)      Drink plenty of water – with lemon!!!: My aunt keeps two pitchers of water in her house. One with filtered tap water and another with filtered tap water that has sliced lemons in it. Whenever I eat really fatty or sugary meals, I find that drinking lots of water infused lemon not only flushes out my system, but really resets my digestive system (my family says it ‘cuts the fat’ although I’m sure it’s not that simple lol). Things like meats, soda and sugary foods are acidic and can be toxic to the body. Drinking lemon water provides the alkalinity your body needs to balance things out. (Please put down the sugary lemonade!!! That’s NOT the same thing!)

3)      Move Your Body: I was lucky enough to hit the gym the morning before I had my double BBQ fest on the Fourth. And even when I had the funnel cake, I kept my body moving by walking around and two stepping to some music later that evening, which did help me avoid feeling sluggish. I know many people say they get the ‘itis’ after having a heavy meal, but after you eat, keep things moving! Take a light walk, dance a bit , but  just move around. Your body will thank you!

4)      Remember tomorrow is another day: Even the most disciplined gym bunnies and fitness gurus can have an ‘off’ day. Know that while you are entitled to a slip up, this is NOT going to be a preview of things to come in your health journey and that you will NOT make it a habit. Take responsibility for your eating! All is not lost because you fudged up one day.

Since last week, I’ve gone to the gym every day and I even have gotten some extra walking in since I’m without a car this week (see DondaRex’s post here). I am traveling this weekend to Brooklyn to help plan a shower for a relative so I know that moro, oxtail, and cake is on the way. I will do my best to eat in moderation, drink tons of water, and keep that body moving by lots of  salsa dancing and Wii playing with my cousins. Yes, I’ve fallen, but  I WILL GET BACK UP! =)


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