The Event That Wasn’t

We started this blog a mere three months ago, so imagine when our delight and surprise when Athleta, a new fitness apparel store, was inviting us to their grand opening!

Our gchat conversations after receiving the invite contained lots of exclamation points.  We were real live fitness bloggers! Who were invited to events because somebody cared about what we had to say about athletic apparel! We get to try on clothes! There will be free cocktails!


Around the same time of receiving the invitation, I began having car trouble. My beloved Kia Soul, who I affectionately refer to as Marvin, was constantly stalling out and breaking down during the most inopportune moments.  He was in and out of the dealership twice just this past week.  After stalling out twice during rush hour traffic on I-395, I had Marvin towed to the dealership where he was purchased for a complete diagnostic workup.

Marvin being towed for the second time

The news was grim; he needed some super important, super expensive, computer thing. Luckily for me, he was still under warranty and the dealership was providing me with a rental car while they serviced Marvin.

Monday, the day of the event arrives, and I have a cute dress on and a new rental car and I’m ready to rub elbows with other fit minded folks while athletically sipping on free cocktails. As I’m leaving work I attempt to unlock the rental car doors: nothing. “Silly rental car,” I think, “you’re silly automatic lock doesn’t work”.  I manually open the door and sit down and turn the key in the ignition: nothing. That’s when a familiar dread sinks in. The car is dead. Completely and totally dead.  I threw a toddler sized tantrum in the middle of downtown DC  calmly called roadside assistance and patiently waited for them to arrive an hour later. I also tell Sheri that I won’t be able to make it and she assures me that she’ll represent TAF proudly.  Ten minutes later Sheri calls. Her car has conked out.  I’m convinced someone is playing a cruel joke on us because Sheri’s car was working perfectly fine all weekend. We drove to Alexandria, VA, Germantown, MD, Baltimore, MD, EVERYWHERE in the tri-state and things were fine.  With neither of our cars working, and with Tha Mgmt studying for the bar, none of us were able to make it to the Athleta event.

Even though we missed the grand opening, I still plan on checking the store out. It’s located in Tysons Corner and features a broad assortment of apparel for run, yoga, gym/training, swim, hike/explore and everything in between.  Athleta also offers a personalized styling service, complimentary hemming on pants and skirts in store, free fitness classes and in-store discounts for fitness professionals.

Sounds pretty cool right? I’ll tell you guys what I found when I finally make my way there. If anybody gets there before we do, tell us what you bought!


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