Tri-Anything: Juicy July

Let’s ignore that I’m a procrastinator and that we’re already 5 days into the month of July.  It’s best we just get right on into my newest self-imposed challenge.

Juicing seems to be the newest fad in health. There have been quite a few documentaries, that I haven’t seen, that boast the merits of juicing.  There have also been several books, that I haven’t read, that also speak highly of the practice.  What got me interested in juicing was this woman:

Annette Larkin’s is 70 years old and looks nearly half her age! I’m not interested in adopting a strictly raw vegan lifestyle but I can drink a carrot if it means I age half as well as she does.  I also have friends who have begun juicing and they proclaimed that it changed their life and swear that they’ve never felt better. Since I was on the market for a life change, I decided to pick up a juicer. I selected the Breville Juice Fountain, as seen below.

I also picked up juicing book full of recipes that are intended for detox, weight loss, hair growth etc.  There are literally hundreds of juicing combinations to choose from and I’m going to do them all! Or, at least 31 of them.  This month, I’m going to blog my way through the juice book on the Tri-Anything Fitness Tumblr page.  I’ll recap at the end of the month my favorite recipes and how I feel incorporating juicing into my diet.  I expect this to go well so I’m excited to get started!

Have you ever juiced? How’d it go?


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