Take A Lap: The Fourth of July Edition

It’s the eve of our nation’s Independence! The time of the year where my belly feels extra patriotic and wants to partake in all things American like BBQ and overeating 😉  This week’s “Take a Lap” will  help guide you through the Fourth’s festivities without setting your fitness and weight loss goals back to New Years.

The first stop is over at Spark People where they go through the “Best and Worst Cookout Foods” They give you handy little charts that show you how to turn your favorite cookout staple into something that’s health friendly.  Most of the tips are pretty good.   I don’t see myself wrapping my burger with some lettuce though, so you guys will have to try it and tell me how it goes.

Since I don’t plan on foregoing my potato bread bun in lieu of lettuce, I’ll have to work it out harder at the gym. Even if you’re gym is closed, YouTube has come to the rescue! Hit the park, get to work and enjoy your Independence Day guilty free.

Woman’s Health helps you declare you independence from meat this Fourth! They’ve provided tasty suggestions for a vegetarian BBQ. My favorite is the Red, White and Blue Potato salad.  While everyone else  is asleep  in a meat induced coma, you’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed and have first dibs on the Peach and Blueberry Tart with Pecan Crust.

Hope you enjoyed this lap around the web. Have a great Fourth of July!



One thought on “Take A Lap: The Fourth of July Edition

  1. I was just saying that I dont need to pig out this fourth of july. Your post is going to make me hit the gym or pool !!!! I am going to tri SOMETHING FITNESS!!! during my time off… …. nops

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