My Training Tyrant

My trainer is transitioning from being a journalist to doing personal fitness for a living and in the process she is building a website.  I am not allowed to post a testimonial on her website as she has accused me of slandering her name.  But, as any good bar taker knows, the greatest defense to slander is THE TRUTH and dogonnit, I think this woman is trying to kill me.

I mean that in the most loving way possible … if ya’ll don’t hear from me for a while, go find her because she had something to do with it.

My trainer tries to kill me every weekday with her crazy gym assignments and every Saturday with her ridiculously intense workouts.  I get Sunday off and I think its because she knows I won’t be able to use my legs if not.

My current trainer is not my first go round with a trainer.  I’ve worked out with at least 6 trainers and have hired two to assist me in reaching long term goals.  My first trainer’s name was Les and he was a semi-cute blasian man with very intense goals for me.  Les made me wear a plastic suit bag when we worked out and he saw me three times a week.  For those three meetings, I would work and the pounds that I already started losing on my own just fell off.  Les was so effective that I would walk around naked to school, was arrested, and now am a convicted sex offender in Northern Philadelphia.  Ok, I’m joking.  Les and I actually parted ways because we both lost focus. Les wasn’t the most serious business minded guy and I started feeling myself way too much and lost focus of my goals. Despite Les working me to healthiest period in my life, I found that his methods were unsustainable and I rebounded … hard.

Between then and now, I’ve yo and yo’d more times than I can count.  Some of my fitness rebounds were 100% me and my sheer determination to be healthier.  Others were spurts of shame fueled by panic and the realization that I couldn’t fit into something that I loved.

This last go round hiring a trainer was due to the realization that I needed some help. I walked into the gym and had no idea where to start or what to do.  My trainer was amazing at analyzing my goals, putting me on a fitness regimen and inspiring me to keep going every week.  Even though she has no respect for my personal comfort.

So, if you find yourself lost and trying to figure out the best way to start reaching your goals, I suggest consulting with a personal trainer.  I also suggest a trainer if you’ve plateau’d or if you have a specific training goal you want to reach.  Their entire expertise is in helping you reach your goals so they are a perfect resource in doing so.

– The Management


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