After my post about Studio X, I thought I should write a post on the gym that I frequent everyday (yes folks, I am a gym bunny through and through=)



Fitness First has multiple locations in the DMV area; 9 in MD, 7 in VA, and one in DC. The one I frequent is in Germantown, in the Fox Chapel Shopping Center. This was also a shopping center that was quite a popular spot for MoCo residents back in its heyday, but now, there are a few stores within the strip mall(again, not that easy on the eyes).  There are usually no problems with parking, but it’s pretty deserted during non-peak hours in case you are wondering about safety.


Memberships at Fitness First allow you to have access to all of their locations, so if you usually go to DC but happen to work by Bethesda, you can go to either gym. They provide a variety of classes for all fitness levels, including Zumba and Body Pump, as well as cycling classes.

Their personal training and membership programs are a lot different than when I first started going there and it may vary from location to location. Definitely give your local FF a call to see what specials and deals they may have available =)

There are a few main areas for working out: the Free Weight Room, the Cardio Room, the Weight  Machine Room, and the Ab & Stretch Room. I usually keep to the Ab/Stretch and Weight Machine Room for my strength and circuit training. The Free Weight Room is usually reserved for the muscle heads who like to grunt and yell like Tarzan (which is not always attractive boys!) During rush hours (between 5-6:30) there can be a short wait for a machine or elliptical but if you are familiar with the gym’s layout, you can usually work around the crowd or work in a set between another person.

Their equipment and machines are fairly new or renovated and most are easily labeled with instructions. I find that there are a few machines that are out of order, but it never seems to interrupt the flow of the guests. I do love that the cardio machines have TVs, with the basic channels for your viewing pleasure.

Now if they could update their top 40 Soft Rock Radio playing in the main areas….ugh.


Class Schedule:

Back when I started my fitness journey, I took about 2-3 classes a week: one cardio, one strength training, and one core/abs class. The intensity for the classes can vary (and of course are dependent on how much you push yourself!) but nowadays, I find myself looking for circuits and interval cardio sessions for a bigger push in a shorter time frame. With that being said, there are lots of class options during the work week and weekend to fit anyone’s schedule!

Their cycling classes are quite popular among the public. You’ll have to sign up beforehand to reserve your seat, but it’s a nice switch up from a typical cardio class that they may have available.

The Grade:


I’ve been a member of Fitness First since 2007. I appreciate my old trainer showing me how to utilize my body and any available resources to make my work outs count! A few improvements could be made to make the place even more beneficial to a budding gym bunny, but all in all, not a bad place to work out! =)


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