Comfortable Discomfort

About a year and a half ago, out of the sheer fear of looking like the goodyear blimp, I decided to start an intense morning bootcamp session that I saw advertised on craigslist. What I walked into was my own personal version of hell. I was pushed so hard the first day of bootcamping that I almost lost my lunch. The next day every muscle in my body hurt and I asked the trainer if I should come to bootcamp. He told me that he had a perfect cure for my stiffness and I should come.

His cure, making me run.

This was a cruel form of revival but I’ll tell you, that crap worked. Anyone who has just started a new form of exercise or has increased the intensity of their workout knows that this soreness is to be expected. It is called delayed onset muscle soreness and kicks in the day or two after a workout. It is caused by tiny tears in your muscles which is the result of you working the muscle in a manner it hasn’t been worked in before.

While there are debates on the cause of DOMS (as the internet lovingly refers to it) there is nothing concrete as to how to cure or prevent it. Here is a link to an article discussing DOMS with some helpful hints.

My suggestion for those of you hobbling around like I typically do on Sundays (see previous post about my trainer trying to kill me), EMBRACE IT. This is a sign that you are doing something. Don’t let it stop you from going back to the gym either. That pain will disappear once you start pushing your muscles again.

Quick note: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS. In fact, I’m a lawyer so I’m entering this caveat into this post. You should not treat the information we share in these posts as medical advice. I can only tell you what works for me. If you are in pain, GO SEE A DOCTOR.

Let’s end this post off with a quote from Jillian Roberts:

You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I know that’s right.

– Tha Management


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