Fitness Month, the Final Recap

Before I get a tomato thrown at me, I must apologize for my being MIA for the past few weeks. I think Donda and Sheri have been putting up with me because they have been there with me through it all. See, I graduated from law school on May 20th and I’ve been studying for the bar ever since!!!

To commemorate the occasion, feast your eyes on the Trinity at my Graduation Brunch!

Da Trinity!

You can see we were all in our best and brightest. What a trio!

I was super consistent at the gym for the month of gyming but took off at least once a week to rest. I mostly lost inches and that dress hugged me like they sewed it to my body to compliment my awesome! Here’s yet another pic:

You see that! I looked GOOD!

So, results happened and I was glad I went in. But I’m not done! I may have been losing inches but the lbs stayed on. And then I took almost 2 full weeks off from the gym right after graduation. But I got back on. This is not a yo yo, this is a lifestyle.

My fitness reboot required me to face what I wasn’t before — I haven’t been as dedicated as I needed to be to see the lbs drop. You can lose inches without making major changes to your diet (to a point) but you will not see lbs drop too, unless you really get your life together. So I made some changes. The biggest change that I’ve made is that I am on a schedule. I sat down with my trainer and plotted when I would study, when I would eat, and when I would work out. Having this strict of a schedule makes it much easier to get things done and it shows! Since setting it up and due to the fact that I’ve been crushing the home cooked meals, my metabolism is higher, the lbs are lower, and my tummy is getting flatter and flatter.

So I’m still here, and when I’m not completely overwhelmed by studying for the bar, I’ll be back to blogging.

– Tha Management


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