I found out about Studio X through my bestie’s older sis. She’s been looking even more fantabolous than usual and she mentioned how she started going to studio X to take the kickboxing classes after work. In an effort to Tri Anything, I decided why the hell not??


Sutdio X is located right off the highway in Gaithersburg, MD. It’s in a tiny strip mall off of Quince Orchard Road. I’ve lived in MoCo my whole life and I remember when this strip mall used to have all the goodies (Circuit City, Chevy’s, etc). Now since many of these companies have gone belly up and there’s construction/demolition in place, the plaza is not easy on the eyes. That being said, you won’t be competing for parking space since the only other big shops are Staples and a grocery store=)


Studio X is just that; a large studio complete with mirrors, wooden floors and a disco ball (which gets used fairly often=). There is a small area for children to play as well as a small desk to register for the class you would like to take. The instructor stands up on a platform in the corner of the room and there is a wall for cubbies to place your belongings.

They advertise that drop in classes are $5 but you can also sign up for a package deal with 6, 15, or 31 classes. When you first sign up, they will have your fill out your info and then you will receive a card with a barcode. You keep this in case you decide to come back or if you decide to purchase a package.

 In addition to the ‘member’ card you’ll receive a card with a number. This number is basically your pass to get into class. right before the class starts, the receptionist calls your number; you hand it to her, and stake your territory in the studio.  This ensures the classes are not overfilled and keeps a little order all the ladies who come and go between the classes.

Class Schedule:

So far, I’ve only attended the Kickboxing with Alison (who is AMAZEBALLS!) but there are about 20 instructors who teach Zumba, yoga and kickboxing. There are classes every day and PLENTY of options no matter what your personal schedule may be. I’m in love with the kickboxing with Alison, but I will venture into other classes that they offer there in the coming months.

The Grade:


This place is very no frills, but provides exactly what you need. The instructors give you tough love; provide motivation, and lots of laughs and encouragement. Between the disco ball, and the music, you feel like you’re at a club twerking it out with everyone lol! In Kickboxing, you get in the ‘zone’ and imagine yourself punching the S#!t outta the guy who cut you off on the highway or kicking your not-so-nice coworker in the face. (Oh that’s just me?….. ) Anywho, you’re quick to make friends with the other ladies who struggle sweat beside you and it definitely feels like a quirky, extended family whose common goal is fitness and good health=)

Sidenote: My goal is to eventually teach Zumba here!  My fear and anxiety is taking over so my practice workouts at home are all the Zumba I’ve been doing, but I hope to shadow one of the Zumba teachers here and eventually make my way onto the roster. Wish me luck!


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