The Number

As you can see here at Trianything, we aren’t really about revealing our workout stats.  You won’t see any of us telling you how much we weigh because the number is usually not the best reflection of health.  If anything, we are more likely to tell you about our cholesterol and blood pressure numbers as they are a better indicator of healthiness.

With that being said, I still have some apprehension about the number because society cares a lot about it.  And in caring, a lot of stigma is associated with the number.  While I consider myself super confident and full of the good ole’ esteem, I did find myself stressing over the number when my very sexy fine boyfriend found one of the weight assessments I did at the gym.

*record skips*

Did you hear me! I said my tall, lean, fine, runner boyfriend found a piece of paper telling him my number.  What happened after his revelation is that I completely tripped.  I am not foolish, I promise, but I acted as though our relationship was effectively over.  I made him swear to me that he still found me sexy and that he would purge the number from his mind.

I said I tripped.  I have a tendency to be a bit dramatic as well.

What I learned about myself in that moment, is that I still have some work to do.  Not just on getting that number to not mean as much to me, but in recognizing how little of an impact it had on him.  Dating while reshaping your health and fitness is really hard and its extra hard when the guy you are dating has never had issues with his weight.  There are some hard moments like this one and then there are some great moments like when he tells me my butt looks really good in a dress (this happened just the other day — go squats!).

I am lucky that I have such a supportive team of people in my life.  With my trainer, my trianything besties, the BF, and my fam, I have a lot of people encouraging me to be the healthiest I can be.  And this whole episode has given me some long term motivation and perspective. I am going to reach my fitness goals so that I never feel uncomfortable sharing my number with anyone, no matter what that number may be, because that number means absolutely nothing when you feel amazing.

– Tha Management


One thought on “The Number

  1. Great blog. I’ve found that I only share my number with people who are in the same predicament: struggling to lose weight. They wont react with a guffaw or astonishment or bewilderment, which is much healthier for me psychologically.

    While we were together, I asked my ex how much he thought I’d weighed. His guess was under by 40 lbs lol I don’t know is he said that to make me feel good, or if he was just oblivious, but i definitely didn’t correct him.

    I try very hard to not give power to the number but it’s rather difficult not to send curses up to heaven when my weight loss efforts arent reflected on the scale. I’m working on it.

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