Three for Friday: There’s an App for That!

“I need an app that helps me lose weight? If this does not exist put on your aluminum hats; we are going to be RICH!!” –ThaMgmt

There is no need to break out the aluminum hats and protect our idea from “Big Brother”. Unfortunately for ThaMgmt, and our wallets, there is an app that does just that. In fact that there are several! Whether your Team Iphone or Team Droid there’s an app that will help you meet your health and fitness needs.  This week’s Three for Friday is dedicated my favorite apps and apps I want to download. Let’s get to it!

1)      Fooducate “… Fooducate is like taking your own personal dietitian to the supermarket…”

As you all know, I’m participating in a personal Eat-in challenge for the month of June. I’ve been grocery shopping more and Fooducate helps me be a more informed and conscientious shopper.  The app uses your camera as a barcode scanner and assesses the nutritional value of the item you selected. The app then assigns a grade to the food item based on the nutritional content. The app is especially helpful if you’re looking to substitute an ingredient with something healthier because it will show you items like the items you scanned that have received a better grade.  You should definitely download this if you’re new to reading nutrition labels. Actually, you should download it anyway because it does so much and all for $Free.99.

2)      Zombies, RUN!

With all the news coming out about flesh eating zombies, I’ve been trying to physically prepare myself to either run or fight. There’s no better way to gear up for the zombie apocalypse than with interval training.  The Zombies, RUN! app is actually a game that stimulates a zombie attack with orders and voice recordings. If the medicine, batteries, and ammo, you collect on your run aren’t incentive enough to keep running, the guttural moans of flesh eating zombies coming through your headphones should make you pick up your pace. The app is being released to Android June 14 and I just might plunk down my $7.99 for it when it does.

Whoa…I feel the side eye through the screen!

“$7.99?! I’d become a human traitor and hunt with the zombies before I pay that! I’m Sweet Brown to the b*llshit, ain’t nobody got tahm fo’ dat!”

Chillax folks! In through the nose out through the mouth! My next one is a great app, is already available on iPhone and Android, and is FREE!

3)      Workout Trainer

We’ve already established that we don’t like spending money, but still enjoy the bougie things in life.  We’ve already got a personal dietician with Fooducate, now it’s time to get a personal trainer. The Workout Trainer app has photo, video and audio instruction on different workouts ranging from yoga to kettleballs. You can also let other app users how dope you are through their social media function that allows you to share workouts.


Are there any other apps you guys are using? Let me know and have a fit Friday!


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