Take A Lap: The Monday Blues

Happy It’s Monday!.

Even the best of Monday’s still suck for me. I wake up simutaneously surprised and angry that it’s arrived. If you follow me on Twitter (or read the side bar of the blog) you already know that I’m only making it through Jesus, Motrin and coffee, which strengthens me.   I’m actually considering asking for a change in my work schedule that would give me every other Monday off. I think I’d work more efficiently at my job and accomplish more at home.

I guess waking up to a Monday, no matter how sucky it is, is better then the alternative of not waking up at all!.  Anyway, here are are a few things around the web that I’ve been reading. Take a lap and read for yourself.

My template twin, Felicia over at Fit and Healthy, posted her 4 week results of clean eating. Talk about motviation! Abs are made in the kitchen and maintained in the gym. Her’s look great! I’m not ready to completely cut out sugar or processed foods but hopefully Eat-In June will be a step towards achieving a completely clean lifestyle.

Alex and Whitney over at Sporty Afros seem to be making Monday’s their b*tch! They’re kicking off a Detox that starts today. The detox is based on juicing and raw foods and they’ll be participating for about week. Run on over and wish them luck!

Josie, over at YumYucky and I seemed to have had a similar weekend. I spent the weekend working out and overhauling the ThaMgmt’s apartment with Sheri, while Josie ran intense sprint intervals and cleaned her basement for four hours! We’re both seem to be suffering from our ambitious weekend.

Hope you enjoy your lap around the net and the rest of your Monday!


3 thoughts on “Take A Lap: The Monday Blues

  1. I swear every time I read your posts you make me laugh. “Jesus Motrin and coffee which strengthens me” lol!! Anyway. Thanks so much for the shout out!!! It’s all about finding new ways to get your sweet fix. Not easy but can be done. Slow steps is the best way anyway. How did your food shopping go?

    • Grocery shopping went great! I spent more money than usual, but I figure since I’m not eating out. It’ll balance it’s self out. I cooked every single one of my meals this weekend. It wasn’t so bad. Just the clean up :/

      • That’s great! Yea it can be expensive for sure. But I just try to catch things on sale and always looking for coupons. But it will balance out with not eating out as well

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