Tri-Anything: Eat-in for June

Hi, I’m Donda and I’m a recovering fast food junkie.    At one point i could be found eating 2 meals a day from a fast food spot. My preferred foods were pizza, tacos and burgers.  I ate out so much for a myriad of reasons but the biggest were that I was busy with school and going to restaurants was how I socialized with most of my friends.

Strung out on Fast Food

I’m also not a fan of cooking, or really any domestic chore.  This probably stems from my dad telling me that I would never get married if i didn’t learn how to cook and clean. My father often laughs about how Young Donda flippantly replied that she’d be rich and hire someone to cook and clean while her and her awesome husband lived happily ever after. I have a strong suspicion that he may have been right as I’m single as a dollar bill. To make matters worse, I’m not even rich! Which brings me to my next point.

Even though I’m a recovering fast food junkie, I fall off the wagon often enough that I’m noticing a decline in my wealth and a plateau in my weight.  Even though I’m no longer buying pizza, tacos and burgers, my salads and sushi are pretty expensive (especially if I’m buying them in DC) and as I’ve discussed before, they can often be calorie bombs.
Since I hate cooking I usually end up eating hummus or pickles when I eat-in,  which is cost effective, but not necessarily a balanced diet. Once I moved out on my own, I realized that grocery shopping is far cheaper and much healthier then eating your meals out of your home.  Here’s where the next Tri-Anything challenge comes in.

June is a a lackluster month for me and I’ve decided to spice it up! I’m going to to use the entire month of June to grocery shop and prepare my meals.*  I will not spend one single dime at a fast food establishment or a restaurant. Even those that are masquerading as healthy, like Panera, Chopt, or Chipotle. Hopefully this new challenge will expose me to the joys of cooking, save me some money, and help me lose some weight.  I’m concerned for my safety since just last month I burned my foot trying to make spinach (don’t ask), but hopefully I’ll be able to make it through the month without killing myself or setting my apartment on fire. This is going to require a lot of planning on my part, which isn’t a strength of mine.  I’ll have to make meal-plans, a grocery list, and try some new recipes.  Wish me luck and let me know if you’re going to take the eat-in challenge!
*The only caveat to this will be that I will accept a meal purchased for me. It’s against my religion to turn down free food. I belong to the Church of Greedy. Luckily (or sadly), I don’t have any dates lined up and my friends aren’t that generous so I don’t see this being an issue.

6 thoughts on “Tri-Anything: Eat-in for June

  1. Love the illustration. Good luck on the month of eating in! If you have a hard time planning and are new to cooking, I highly recommend Real Simple magazine. They have a week’s worth of meals with a pull out shopping list in every issue. You also find a month worth of pre-planned meals on their website.

  2. I too am pretty new to cooking instead of fast food or frozen meals and have recently been introduced to the concept of freezer meals. I have found a few good sites, one being, check out her “dump chicken” from June 12, 2011 that has tons of recipes. The great thing here is that you can spend just one or two days preparing tons of meals for the month and just have to defrost and bake. So no slaving over the stove daily which may help keep up your motivation. Good luck!

  3. you can do it! I don’t eat out often at all! I prepare food like chicken breasts for a few days at a time and have it with my lunch or whatever. Make sure I make enough dinner for leftovers so I don’t have to cook dinner each night. Have enough fruit and veggies to snack on. and look up recipes of your favorite foods!Make a plan for eating for the whole week. may seem a bit annoying to do but i promise it helps. Make a grocery list based on the plan of what you will make for the week. it will save a lot of money and keep you on track while you are in the store which helps avoid buying anything you do not need and unhealthy options. its very possible! go girl!

    • I’m kind of excited about it. I have enough groceries to get me through tomorrow and I’m going to make a list as you suggested and go grocery shopping on Saturday!

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