My participation in National Vegetarian Week went fairly well.  I stumbled on Monday when I ate turkey empanadas for dinner (only because Sheri’s greedy behind ate all of my vegetarian ones) but I sailed through the middle of the week, even with my roommate tempting me with rotisserie chicken, and then faltered on Thursday.  I was discouraged by the second “cheat”, but I used the opportunity to examine why I wasn’t doing well with a diet change I assumed I would excel at.


I jumped into the new eating plan with little forethought and with virtually no preparation.  I saw the trending topic on Twitter and jumped right in.   I hadn’t been grocery shopping for the week and hadn’t collected any recipes to try before I decided to participate.


As I mentioned, I didn’t go grocery shopping before I started the challenge.  I also work part-time and find myself eating meals outside of my home a few times a week (a habit I’m trying to stop).  I also spent the later part of the week traveling, by car, to and from North Carolina.  The only place to pick up a quick, well priced, balanced vegetarian meal is Chipotle.  If there are any others I don’t know about them, it’s salad, or I don’t like them.  I also found myself relying heavily on carbs and cheese, which isn’t conducive to weight loss. I didn’t decide to make the switch based solely on weight loss, but the fact that there hasn’t been any lbs lost this week is disheartening.


I don’t have any vegetarian/pescatarian friends or family.  Everyone in my life is a proud carnivore.  When I would tell people that I’m abstaining from meat I was met with a blank stare and a, “What’s the point of that?” I got asked that enough times that I started to wonder myself what the point of all this was.  Also, starting this challenge the week of Memorial Day a.k.a. the kickoff of BBQ season, was a little naïve on my part.

Despite this, the fact of the matter is that I feel WAY better when I eat less meat and more vegetables, so I will continue to do just that. I won’t eschew poultry, pork or meat but it certainly will not be the center of my meals.  I might even attempt another stretch of vegetarian eating in the near future or even vegan. I mean I am supposed to “tri-anything” right? J


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