I recently stopped eating red meat cold turkey (pun intended). This was no small feat as before my decision, it would have been accurate to call me a carnivore.  The decision came to me one day a couple of months ago when I decided to eat frozen yogurt for lunch. Not exactly the meal of champions, but I noticed when I returned to my office, I wasn’t experiencing the lethargy and apathy (commonly known as the ‘itis) that usually plagued me after lunch.  I mentioned to my coworker how frozen yogurt made me feel alive and suggested that we eat it every single day for lunch.  He said that was dumb (he’s pretty blunt) and commented that it’s probably because we didn’t eat meat. I thought about his theory and decided to test it the next day at lunch and ordered falafel. Despite being fried, my falafel lunch left me exuberant.  Not only was I not tired, I was running on all cylinders. I was able to concentrate on my work more and was running around the office like a mad woman.

The difference in energy was something that I had to take seriously.  I decided after my mini experiment that I would limit my meat consumption to once a day. So I would eat vegetarian meals during the day and usually eat chicken for dinner. I felt awesome on this plan. My alarm would ring and I wouldn’t let out a stream of curse words (followed by a prayer of forgiveness and thanks to the Lord for allowing me to wake up).  I was drinking less coffee and even a received a compliment on my hair and skin from my hating ass mama.  The plan was working so well, that I even limited my meat consumption to three times a week and even then it was only chicken.

I’ve wanted to take meatless meals a step further and have been trying to only consume fish, essentially becoming a pescatarian.  Despite the success I had with cutting meat, pork and chicken down to a few times a week, completely eliminating it has been difficult.  Oddly enough, it’s not the chicken that I end up craving. I will be eating a perfectly delightful vegetarian meal and all of a sudden, this voice in my head remarks, “This meal would be set off with some bacon”.  This is especially odd since I only started eating pork bacon about two years ago.

Twitter alerted me that today kicks off National Vegetarian Week. There’s no better time like the present for me to commit to a vegetarian diet plan.  I’ll be updating the Tri Anything Fitness tumblr page with vegetarian meals that I’ve tried or would like to try. Next Monday I will report back with how the week went and hopefully will be able to report that I’ve kicked meat for good! Wish me luck!

*I’ve had “Call Me, Maybe” stuck in my head all morning. Please pray for me.


4 thoughts on “Meatless…Maybe*

  1. Hello trianythingfitness! I stumbled across this post from the WordPress dashboard. Just wanted to say I think it’s great what you’re doing, and keep up the good work! I love love love being vegetarian, but I also don’t think it has to be an all-or-nothing proposition…in other words, simply eating less meat like you’re doing is perfect. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I’m 99% off the red meat. Only time I consume it is for a dinner out for prime rib. I barely do chicken anymore and leans toward fish/seafood instead. I’m an accidental part-time vegetarian. You are soo right about the “itis”. More red meat, the more itis there is.

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