In lunch room, eating leftovers from a Maggianos catered meeting.

‘Cathy’ the Curious Co-worker walks in and looks at my plate.


Cathy : My oh my! You must definitely have an appetite! That’s quite a bit of food for you to eat to be so skinny!

Me : (Bitch! Did I ask you to look up through my meal? Hell to tha naawll! Lemme eat in peace with my mound of food! Hulkita, Hungry!RAAWWR!) Oh well,uh, yea I guess it’s a lot.  I have pretty good metabolism.

Cathy: Wow I guess so; I’ve never seen someone so tiny eat so much food!

*sidebar: The level of backhandedness is drowning me at this moment y’all. So is she saying I should be bigger for eating this much? Or maybe I should have some bird food in my plate instead? Back to the story*

Awkwardly laughing-This is actually a modest serving; you should see how I eat at home! Thinking to self:Dammit Sheri why did you just say that out loud?

Now a few things:

1)      Me and my big mouth. No one needs to know that I eat enough to feed a family of woolly mammoths.

2)      Is Cathy giving me a compliment? What do you say do someone who is observing the volume of food you are eating? I mean it would be worse if she said, “Damn you have a big ass appetite and the gut and fat ass to prove it honey!!”

3)      I have a huge issue with portion control (pun intended).

When losing weight or keeping the weight off, weight training and lots of exercise will help develop strong muscles and joints, as well as increase your metabolism which basically helps keeps those pesky lbs off. But the journey is twofold. Eating well is so important too! But it isn’t just what you eat or when but HOW MUCH. Yes, brown rice is good for me. Eating three and a half cups of it is not! Yes, baked chicken is a great lean protein. Going back for seconds (or thirds)? Hmmm not so much homey.

Some things to keep in mind when starting healthier eating habits:

  1. Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean you can eat MORE of it!: I used to fall into this trap. Eating fruits AND veggies AND fiber AND protein each time for every meal isn’t exactly a great way to keep the pounds away. At the end of the day your caloric expenditure must not exceed your caloric intake. In other words, if you burn 1500 cals a day and you eat 1200 cals (or eat 1500 cals and burn 300 by working out or other daily activity) then you will lose weight. Actually it’s not this simple, but for the basis of this subject, let’s just say it is. =)
  2. Watch out for health foods that are high calories: These are things like eggs or nuts or protein. They provide great nutritional benefits but you will negate any of that advantage if you scarf down large 5 handfuls of nuts or eat a loaded 3-4 egg omelet. Keep your portions of these foods small to get the best results.
  3. Follow the USDA guidelines for portions: I know is seems silly to compare meat to a deck of cards or rice to a baseball but this actually does help! Gauging how big or small a portion should be helps to determine if you’re overeating or not. you don’t have to measure and weigh everything you eat, but being aware of what a typical portion size is will help you understand how much you’re eating during each meal.  This plate planner actually does a great job of providing a size estimate on how much fiber, starch and fiber you should be eating. 
  4. Determine what your 1to 10 hunger scale is and gauge your appetite on that:  For me, 1 is im going to die and revert to a zygote. 10 is slightly nauseated, bloated, and very uncomfortably stuffed. I try to stay between a 3 and a 7. So right before breakfast I’m at, say, a 3 and when I’m getting full I’ll get to 7 and stop.  That was actually hard for me because I’m programmed to eat until I’m gonna pop. (Show of hands who had family members telling you to “clean your plate”? Exactly) Slowing down and letting my body register its satiety really helped on controlling my portion sizes.

 Just remember, eating well, eating clean and portion control will help make your fitness and weight goals so much easier! By all means indulge every once in awhile but do allow yourself to develop good portion control eating habits. they will really help to make your journey better =) As they say, moderation is everything! Or too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Or _____________ *Insert philosophical cliché here * Happy eating!!!



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