Review Redux: Studio F3

After writing a review-less post on Studio F3, I was contacted by the owner  and invited to participate in their flow I kettleball kettlebell class.  I arrived last Wednesday and met with Glenn (<—super cute), who valiantly guided me past the crypt keeper front desk concierge downstairs into the intimate studio where the sound of N.W.A. was softly pulsating through the room.   The class began with each of us introducing our name and zodiac sign and then we quickly got down to work.

The class was separated into long super sets and active rests. Meaning, you completed a two minute long set, only to discover that your one minute “rest” will be spent in the plank position.   This format, and maybe the super cute instructor, increased my heart rate and quickened my breathing.  It was as if I was in a cardio class doing high-intensity interval training, instead of a typical strength training class. I worked out several different muscles simultaneously as the sets were designed to engage the entire body at once.  I felt each of those muscles the next day, and then the day after that.

Kettlebell exercises have been cited as being unsafe for those who have back problems or who suffer from a weak core.  I suffer from a weak core and horrible balance but Glenn managed to effectively teach and guide every student through their workout despite us all being at different skill and fitness levels.  The instructor kept a close eye on each student making sure we maintained form during the long sets. I kept a close eye on him because as I mentioned, he’s super cute.  The class was an hour long but felt much shorter due to the challenging and fast paced routines.  Kettlebell routines burn a lot of calories and fat, one of the students in the class boasted a 5% reduction in body fat in a mere 8 weeks.  This was particularly impressive as she didn’t appear to have a huge amount of excess body fat to lose.

The class was difficult for somebody of my fitness level but I would totally go back to see Glenn for an intense workout.


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