Three for Friday: Advice I Don’t Take

Happy Friday Folks!

I’m so glad to see the end of the week! I wanted to stop by and do a post.  We’re going to have us a little “Three for Friday” which is the abbreviated, un-alliterated version of the popular “Five For Friday”.  While five is my favorite number, this is    TRI-Anything Fitness, with three girls, in three cities.  The number 3 is super important around these parts! Plus, I couldn’t think of 5 things.

This post was brought to you by the number 3!

Since beginning this blog, I’ve come across several pieces of weight loss/fitness advice. Some strange, most good. This week’s Three for Friday are pieces of advice that I don’t take and why. Let’s get to it shall we?

1.) Eat six small meals a day

This is solid advice that probably works very well for a lot of people. After careful consideration, I’ve chosen to ignore it. I recognize that I have disordered eating patterns. I have been known to binge eat (although I’m learning that I only do that with processed or high fat foods) or overeat.  I find that when I do the six meals a day thing, I give myself the opportunity to overeat.  My “snacks” have the fat, calories and sodium of full meals and don’t have any of the satiating power.  Eating three (<—-There it goes again) square meals a day keeps me in my calorie count and removes the additional opportunities for me to overeat.

2.) Eat 30 minutes after waking up

This is another brilliant piece of advice that I don’t listen to.  Eating 30 minutes after waking up stabilizes your blood sugar and revs up your metabolism.  I don’t participate in this ritual because I take a thyroid medication requires an empty stomach. Nothing but water for 3 hours before, and 1 hour after taking it.  I take this medicine every morning so I typically don’t eat breakfast until nearly 1.5-2 hours after I’ve waken up.  I plan on counteracting this by starting my mornings with a cup of hot lemon water. Hot lemon water also boosts your metabolism and shouldn’t interfere with my medication.  It’s a clever little tip I learned from Hey Fran Hey! (see I listen sometimes)

3.) Journal your food and workouts

This advice I don’t take simply because I’m lazy and hardheaded.  I begin recording by food and then fall off after a couple of days.  If I kept it really real, I know I typically don’t long on days that I feel I’ve done “bad” on.  Journaling your food allows you to recognize pitfalls in your eating. If you know better you do better.  Sometimes we’re wondering why we aren’t getting the results we want and the answer is right there in the journal.  There are also plenty of apps and websites available to help you, so you can record from your phone or computer with ease.  I previously used MyFitnessPal (username: DondaRex) and I am considering getting back  on and journaling more consistently and more accurately.

So there you have it. Three pieces of advice that I don’t listen to and how I work my way around it.  Have a fit weekend!


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