Hello everyone! In June 2012, I will officially be certified to teach Zumba classes!!! *Cartwheels and bodyrolls* Surprise!!!! =)


I’ve always loved the intensity and enthusiasm of Zumba classes. The booty shaking, tata jiggling, sexy routines are definitely a pick me up! While I haven’t taken many classes at my local gym, I love the feeling of empowerment and confidence when I leave, not to mention the cardio workout for the day! It never feels like a ‘class’ but more like a pow pow between girls with upbeat salsa and reggaeton beats. You know, like dancing around your room to good music with lots of estrogen flowing lol.


Great trainers to me don’t just look good, but they are charismatic and encouraging. They have the physical stamina to teach a group of people and the mental endurance to push those who are dragging or unfamiliar with the moves. What I love about Zumba class instructors is that they come in all sizes. Some chicas are usually curvy and thick, others maybe slender and toned.  But they are ALL proud of their lady parts!


In taking the certification class, its two fold for me:


1)      Added confidence and conquering fear: I am shy gal. I love the idea of being this take the world by storm type of person, but my fears render me a stiff wallflower when it comes to actually being social. One of my goals this year is to break that fear cycle and start doing me without the worries of looking stupid or weird! The more I start stepping out of my comfort zone, the better chance I’ll have at eliminating my fears for good.

2)      Increasing revenue while exercising: Sounds too good to be true and I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner lol! I am at the gym every day. EVERY.DAY. What better way to pick up some extra cash than by teaching a fitness class or two? I can get a great cardio workout in for an hour without slaving at the elliptical! Shaking my bum, shimmying my shoulders,spirit fingers, the works lol. It helps I grew up to salsa and merengue as child so picking up the steps should be a breeze (fingers crossed!)


I’ll keep you posted over the next few weeks on my progress! So wish me luck guys and gals!



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