Workout videos Then:

is that cotton candy pink and periwinkle O_o?

Workout Videos Now:

Mean mug. Check. Ice Cold Stance. Check.

Now you may ‘member back in my introduction post how I talked about how I got into fitness in my early 20s. Now this does not discredit the activities I did as a child. I was an 80’s baby and growing up with my little brother, the world (read: our block and backyard) was our oyster. Climbing trees, fences,(hell, just climbing), riding bikes, rolling down the hill, catching bugs, playing every childhood game that involved sticking your foot in a circle to see who was ‘it’, I had plenty of energy to burn and spent at lot of time doing it!

On days where I wanted to feel more grown up and independent (yea, my loner phase started EARLY) I’d pop in my Workout with Barbie tape. Yes, Barbie, like the toy, not the rapper. It was geared specifically toward little girls with lots of pink and spandex and even a Claymation-type Barbie doll doing the moves with you!!!

Peep Jennifer Love Hewitt on the left? Don’t forget she was a singer/dancer on KIDS Inc! See? Told you I was an 80’s baby.

Nowadays, I really can’t see myself in front a TV performing exercises just because I enjoy the gym environment and interacting with people face to face. Not to mention the days of “Let’s Get Physical” type workouts have been replaced with drill sergeants and boot camp do-or-die trainers. For some, however, this may be a better economically or it may work with your schedule better. But are these workouts just as effective? Let’s look at a few pros and cons:


  •  Convenience – Feeling like working out at 3am? Can’t get to the gym because snowmaggedon has you inside with cabin fever? (True Story, bro) DVD’s allow you to do so in the comfort of your own home. With them, you can work out on your time, on your dime. In addition, if you are a newbie to the fitness world and are unsure of what exercises to do, DVDs provide a great platform for you to learn some basic and effective moves.
  •  Cost – Gym memberships are damn near pricier than a cell phone bill! DVDs run about $20 – $100 or for free if you rent from your local library or Netflix. Plus you aren’t committed to any particular gym so if you’re feeling like a Yogi one day and want to be ripped to shreds the next; you can do that all with the push of the play button.


  • Motivation – Now you can only be as successful as you want to be. If you can’t see yourself doing ANY activity, I’m not sure popping in a DVD is going to give you the kick you need to do any work. Even if the ‘trainer’ is yelling words of encouragement, he or she doesn’t know whether you completed that last rep or even doing the exercise at all!
  •  Safety – If you find yourself being a bit overzealous, you may try to do too much at once. This could lead to strained muscles and sprained joints. Or if you are unfamiliar with a technique, there is no trainer or spotter to correct your form which could also lead to injury. You may think you’re mimicking the trainer on the DVD, but you can’t guarantee that your form is correct.


So there it is folks just a few things to consider when working out with a DVD. Have you used any workout DVDs or tapes in your fitness adventures? What do you like or dislike about them? Comment and let us know!




  1. I definitely had the Barbie workout tape when I was younger! I remember being really concerned that I was working out without consulting my doctor (mind you, I started gymnastics when I was 3, so I think I could handle some step aerobics)
    ❤ Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

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