Hola everyone, it’s your fitness and nutrition partner in crime SheriBerri! I wanted to talk a little about some easy swap ideas you can make in your eating habits so you can help reach and maintain your fitness goals =)

Now I know the hardest thing about sticking to healthier options is spontaneity and lack of planning.  Its hard to stick to a habit if you’re gorging at every happy hour and going back for seconds on that plate of ribs (I plead the 5th on that scenario but I digress).

Either way, you don’t have to be a robot or a stick in the mud to enjoy your food AND your life!


Swap: A bagel with cream cheese      For: Oats with fruit

Now this is common sense, everyone knows that oats and fruit provide you with a ton of fiber (the soluble kind). Bagels can be sneaky calorically speaking, some brands (like Panera) are almost 400 cals! And that’s WITHOUT any topping. But more importantly, it doesn’t provide any nutritional value to the most important meal of the day!


Swap: Sandwich or salad bar                         For:  Soup or veggie wrap

The easy route would be to get a salad from the salad bar or get yourself a nice (somewhat healthy) sammich from a local deli or place like Cosi or Corner Bakery. Like DondaRex said in her post, salads can be a calorie bomb if you’re not careful. Even with the amount of fiber in a serving, you might end up negating that with a ton of dressing or toppings. Sammies are a great but can be tricky depending on the type of condiments or meats. Deli meats can be high in Sodium which can throw your system out of whack. Soup are great fillers, try a a hearty black bean soup or minestrone!


Swap:  Candy or Chips                                   For: Nuts, string cheese or apples w almond butter

I get it, 3 pm slump- first thing I’m going for is the local candy dish to see what fun size goodies I can eat. But eating empty sugary calories will only lead to a bigger dip in energy (say goodbye to that gym class after work!). Eating a small amount of protein either from nuts or cheese will give you the energy to get you through  the day and the fiber will keep you from raiding the leftovers from your co-workers lunch meeting =)


Swap: White Rice                                           For: Brown Rice

Swap: Red Meat                                             For:  Poultry

Swap: White or cream based Sauces     For: Red Sauces or Broth based sauces

These are just a few ideas; you can do the entire swap at the same time – say, whole wheat pasta with turkey meatballs or turkey chili with beans and brown rice. The idea here is incorporate more fiber and more heart healthy proteins into your meal. Chicken and fish are great options!  If you’re into pasta sauces stick with tomato based sauces which can have more antioxidants like lycopene (which helps against some cancers).


Swap: Cookies                                                For: Cookies

Hey you can’t win them all. ‘Nuff Said.

Again this isn’t to deter you from eating your favorite meals or enjoying your favorite snacks! But exercise caution and do your best to eat more fiber and veggies as well as lean protein. Allow yourself one or two meals to indulge each week that way you never feel like you are sacrificing taste for health! Happy eating!



One thought on “EASY SWAP IDEAS!

  1. hehe, the end swap made me giggle!

    I try not to be a food snob, but when I see people eat bagels with cream cheese everyday I cringe. So-many-unnecessary-calories.

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