30 Day Workout Week One Recap

As most of you know, I pledged to workout everyday for 30 days.  So, I made it through the first week! Week one down and I’m feeling good.  I went to the gym everyday (Monday – Sunday).  Here’s a brief recap of my weeks workout:


I went to kickboxing on Monday.  This was a little bit of a fail on my part since I had not worked out in many moons and it was a very long and hard class.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I was finished but I hurt and was super creaky on Tuesday.


I planned to attend a class on Tuesday that was cancelled at the last minute so I had to do something on my own.  Consciously or unconsciously, I have not walked for more than 10 minutes in a long time but I’m avid treadmiller so I hopped on for 30 minutes.  This was the hardest 30 minute walk I’ve ever been on.  After struggling for 30 minutes and then trying to regain my bearings, I began wandering around the gym trying to figure out what to do next.  I did a few leg machines and packed it up.  I thought that this was a pointless gym day and that I needed to narrow in on a routine before I came back. But, I did it.


On Wednesday I finally made my way to Washington Sports Club and decided to take Aqua Zumba.  I like dancing and I like swimming pools so combining the two was so fun.  The instructor was a riot and dancing in a pool makes you feel graceful (even if you look like an idiot).  Also, the class is what you make it.  If you don’t twerk as hard as possible, you may not get much out of the class.  I also swam a lap in the pool after the class, and I forgot how hard that was.


On Thursday I took Hip Hop Cardio, which was fun.  This class was just like being in a 90s hip hop video with the jumps, kicks, and booty rolls.  The class was fun, but the instructor was AMAZING and I instantly loved her.  When I found out she was also a personal trainer, I decided to hire her. After a week of random workouts, being able to focus on a specific training program would really help me to get to my fitness goals (whatever they may be …).


On Friday, I was not feeling going to the gym at all. I got caught up in doing something and was completely distracted.  I was going to give up and take a nap but the BF and the BFF both encouraged me to do some exercise.  I decided to get up and go for a walk outside for 30 minutes.  It was a beautiful night so I enjoyed my walk and was happy that I pushed myself.


Saturday morning I met with my trainer for the first time.  As we worked out I started to get really sad because every exercise was hard.  I kept referencing when I was more fit to attempt to show my trainer I was not a lost cause.  In turn she told me this:

“You need to thank your body for where it has brought you.  Its been there for you all this time even though you haven’t treated it that well.  So say thank you and start treating your body right.”

That was a very powerful thought.  It encouraged me.  Can’t be mad at my body when it has done so much to support me.

I will encourage everyone who can afford a trainer to get one.  They can help you focus on how to meet your goals better.  This is the second time I’ve taken the trainer route and each time, the difference in my results was extremely noticeable.  The other good thing, my trainer gave me workout homework.  This means that I no longer aimlessly wander around the gym.


Sunday was an easy day and all I did was take a 30 minute walk with T on the treadmills at her gym.

I hope you feel empowered to get in the gym if you aren’t.  Its worth it and it doesn’t take much time to get started.  Also, I’m not posting stats weekly because I don’t have any.  I’ll show you a before and after in a few weeks.

– Tha Management


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