The Swindle

Happy Monday to you all!  I’m in high spirits today.  The sun is shining and it’ll be a super warm day today.  It is also the first time in over a week my legs haven’t been sore and achy.  When I was coming into work, the escalator at Farragut North was broken and I didn’t let out a stream of curse words about the climb.  I’ve been exercising consistently and I feel great and must be looking pretty good because the homeless man that lives on 16th and L, said “Good Morning pretty lady!” with a  small wave, instead of yelling about how he’s a veteran and could he have some money for the war.


Despite my good mood, I wanted take a moment to rant about something that has been tripping me up for quite some time.  I refer to it as “the swindle”, foods that make you feel all elite and superior until you log your food for the day and find out that you’ve consumed enough calories, sugar and salt to make Paula Deen blush.  Here are the two that trip me up the most.




Look at that bowl overflowing with fresh yummness

I have a Chopt right next door to my office and I find myself eating one of their overpriced salads at least once a week.  They have fresh ingredients and they chop and toss the salads really well which allows me to shovel the food into my mouth with maximum efficiency.   Not all salads are created equal and I’m learning that I enjoy salads that have a ridiculous amount of calories and fat in them.  My favorite salads usually come from the seasonal board and are chock full of chicken, avocado, corn, tomato, black beans, tortilla chips, and chipotle cheddar.  All those ingredients separately, or even paired off are super good for you.  However, when combined and topped with spicy Tex-Mex ranch, they form a delicious, yet hypertension inducing meal.  It really pissed me off when I found out because I could have had a chipotle burrito bowl.


Shrimp Tempura Rolls

Look at those delicious bastards


These rolls have the honor and prestige of being referred to as sushi.  Sushi, is usually a balanced, healthy, low calorie treat.  Unfortunately, shrimp tempura poo poos all over the typical ideals of sushi and weighs in at around 500 calories per roll.  That’s not an especially large meal except I usually eat TWO rolls as a meal.  It really pissed me off when I found out because I could have had chipotle, WITH GUACOMOLE!


You know what they say, “When you know better, you do better” and now that I’ve exposed these alleged healthy meals as frauds, I can go to Chipotle select better options.


2 thoughts on “The Swindle

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