I hate to say it but this is fiction! Sort of.  You cannot eliminate fat from a specific of your body. No amounts of sit ups are going to melt the insulation around that promising six pack! However all is not lost in the path to fat burning weight loss=)

Anaerobic exercises such as weight training do not require oxygen and instead use glycogen (type of sugar used in the body for performing moves) in the muscles for energy which in turn helps burn fat. So basically, when you perform these exercises, your body will burn the fat ALL OVER and not in any particular area. The body is an amazing machine, but alas, it cannot determine where to burn that extra flab!! It will not know the difference bewteen butt fat and tummy fat,  it’ll just reduce it all over.

Don’t be discouraged though, performing exercises for the MUSCLES underneath the fat is a great way to increase your metabolism and ensures that when you do burn the fat, you’ll have sexy muscles to show off! =)



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