Don’t Step on My Shoes Bro!

I’ve been working out with the same pair of New Balance sneakers for well over a year.  They’ve been on trails, tracks, and treadmills, and then in the corner when I got tired of all that.   Once I was renewed my resolve to be fit, my old New Balances just couldn’t keep up.

I’ve never been big on sneakers. I usually select my sneakers based on criteria like cheapness, do they hurt my super  flat feet and are they blindingly bright.

Aren't they glorious?

I purchased the Nike Free TR Fit 2 Breathe sneakers for a little under $50 at Macy’s and they retail for $95.  The heavily discounted shoes earned a check plus in the cheapness category.   When I got home I realized my sneakers were famous and they’re starring in their own commercial featuring a fit chick running around.  I got excited because I realized I could be that fit chick running around in my magical new shoes! According to Nike, the shoes are, “designed to maximize airflow with a mesh upper, perforated sock liner and Aero Cool lining that wicks away sweat.”  The sneakers are also designed to mimic bare feet so they fit naturally and feel weightless.  Barefoot is how I prefer to be and these shoes have proven to be super comfy.  These are a good option if you are interested in working out in those 5 toe caveman shoes but don’t want to commit to the ugly.

I’m really excited to have them and can’t wait to see how much better my workouts get.


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