Yesterday I was on twitter laughing at the iPhone v. Android Instagram battle of 2012.  I am an Android user who was ecstatic to download the app, but my interest waned after I learned there wasn’t a “skinny” or a “six-pack abs” filter.  Here’s an instagrammed picture of some tart. Deep right?

If you want more artsy shots like these, follow me on Instagram. Username: DondaRex

Anyway, while scrolling through; I noticed the hashtag “FitBlog” kept popping up. I pressed the tag and there was a conversation occurring amongst fitness bloggers being hosted by @Char_Latte.  I’ve never been accused of being shy so I hopped right into the conversation with a quick introduction and answered the questions of the evening.  Since 140 characters are hardly ever enough, I decided to recap and expound on this here blog.

Q1.) What are your favorite budget friendly food staples?

Every week when I go grocery shopping I buy eggs and spinach.  Both are super cheap and are good sources of protein. They’re easy to cook and can be added into any meal.  They also go very well together. I love a spinach omelet to start my morning. They’re so colorful and pretty enough that I can trick a person into thinking I know how to cook.

Q2.) What are some common misconceptions you’ve heard about your healthy way of living?

The article in question was forwarded to me by BFF from the often funny, Best Week Ever blog.  Apparently, bike riding (and I’m assuming cycling) destroys your vagina. Who knew? A bike was my main mode of transportation from 9-14 and my vagina is spectacular! I can provide references if you don’t believe me 😉

Q3.) What are your go-to FREE workouts you don’t need a gym for?

My roomie are on a “get it right, get it tight” summer mission.  We spend the evenings guilting each other into doing floor work of pushups, sit-ups and various leg moves we make up off the top of our head. Our quest to get it right and tight is only interrupted by the occasional wig snatching on television.

Q4.) What is the one thing you spend an unnecessary amount of money on?

Bottled water is the biggest okie doke in the world. The majority of the time you’re drinking filtered water and not something out of an enchanted spring.  At work, I have a water bottle on my desk that gets filled several times during the day.  At home, I have a big tumbler cup that I sip from throughout the evening. Water is my main, and usually only, beverage. Yet for some reason, whenever it’s time to go to the gym, I NEVER have any water on hand.  This results in me picking up a bottle somewhere for like 1000%  (don’t check that math) more then I would have paid if I just filled a bottle before I left.

Q5.) What awesome ways have you kicked but recently?

This question left me stumped. This week hasn’t proven to be especially awesome fitness wise so unfortunately I didn’t have much to brag about.  I will, however, be spending the remainder of the week kicking but so that I don’t have that problem during the next #fitblog session.  Now go forth and be fit!


4 thoughts on “#FitBlog

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog for FMM. I love spinach omelets for breakfast! And bottle water… its all I drink besides coffee. Out tap water is gross, I cannot bring myself to drink it. 5 years ago tap was all I drank though, because we were on our own well and the water was amazing. Its one of the few things I miss about living with my mom.

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