Okie doke, time for part deux! If you haven’t already read my first intro, do it now! This part two is just giving everyone a synopsis (yo, check out my SAT skills son!) on my current health goals and eating habits.

 Over the past year or two I’ve learned that MAINTAINING weight is so much harder than losing it! I’ve been able to keep off the weight without any significant increase (well, except for that time in I spent a week in Costa Rica, but dammit, you try eating casado for breakfast and dinner every day!) and my ‘numbers’ (BP, cholesterol, glucose, and resting HR) have been great!

At my ripe age of 27, I try to make it to the gym everyday for a min of 45 min. A typical week goes as such:

Sunday Run/Abs
Monday Cardio/Lower Body
Tuesday Run/Abs
Wednesday Cardio/Chest & Shoulders
Thursday Run/Abs
Friday Cardio/Bis & Tris
Saturday Light Cardio and Abs

This gives me a great overall workout on each muscle group, allowing each group to rest as to prevent injury. I do a lot of ab workout because I find that when I do gain weight, that’s the first place it shows up =( I gotta keep it right, keep it tight! Word to Bubba Sparks.

Now I do have somewhat of a social life, so I may miss a day or two occasionally, but keeping this schedule consistent helps me balance out heart healthy cardio with metabolism burning weight training.

 For me, gymming is a great stress reducer and time killer. Why surf the channels at home when I can run while I do it? If I had a crazy day at work, I just take that frustration out on biceps during curls or on my abs during my core workouts.  It’s definitely Hulkita in full effect!

My eating habits have been pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, and definitely evolved as I’ve gotten older. I used to be very strict on eating during certain time periods and never eating after 10 pm since this was ‘bad’ for you (Ms Donda can attest to this lol!).

 Nowadays, if I’m hungry, Imma eat! (Get in my bellah!!!!!) The idea now though is WHAT I eat. If I do eat late (after 10 for me), it’s something small, like chips and black bean salsa or even a bowl of oatmeal with walnuts. I try to start my day well, because it definitely motivates me to keep up the healthy eating.

I do have my cheat days, usually reserved on weekends where I can indulge in a great brunch (I’m a suburban princess if you don’t already know!) or a take a trip to my favorite ice cream shop and pig out whatever super choco coco loco treats they have =) But when you eat well and treat your body well, you can afford to spoil yourself every once in awhile!

They say prevention is the best medicine, so I try to get as many vitamins and nutrients from my diet. I do take fish oil pills and a multi vitamin, but I also eat plenty of fruit and veggies during the week as well as lots of whole grains like oats and brown rice (you’ll soon find out my love for rice is borderline obsessive) . I wasn’t that big on red meats growing up but I love a good burger or pot roast (or beef pattie!), I’m learning to cut beef out of my diet completely by substituting with ground turkey. I  also love (LOVE I SAY!) to eat Ariel’s companions, Flounder and Sebastian and all their lovely sea friends.Tasty and delicious! I’d like to consider myself a semi pesco-vegetarian but my love for pork will never die, so you know, you win some, you lose some lol.

So that’s me folks! Let us know what you want to see, whether it be recipe ideas, specific exercises, different fitness ideas that we’d be willing to try, or tips to keep yourself motivated during your personal health journey!


One thought on “HELLO MY NAME IS… (PART 2)

  1. ur work out plan is awesome.. and i agree we all do mess up sometimes but if you just pick back up the next day and start back eating healthy and working out you will see major results.. after all how many fat people do you know who workout and eat healthy..!! lol so if you do the right things you will reap the benefit of being a sexy healthy gal !!!

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