I’m sure you are quite aware that my bestie and I have not posted intros about ourselves since the inception of this blog. With school (for Donda), and work (for me AND Donda) and maybe a twinge of procrastination, it’s a bit difficult getting our posts in! Bear with us! If anything, let this be ‘formal’ introduction to Ms SheriBerri and Ms DondaRex.

So without further ado, allow me to reintroduce myself (MY NAME IS HOV, OH! H-to-the-O-V!……. O_O sorry, forgot where I was….)

My name is Sheri and I am a gym rabbit, excursion enthusiast, and type A lover of all things fitness. I love outside activities especially anything in the sea, snorkeling being one of my favorite. You’re constantly moving, swimming to see the fish and the coral, not to mention the simple act of staying afloat. Talk about a full body workout!

My personal journey started about 8 years ago when I was a 20 year old college student working three jobs to pay my way through school. As I mentioned in my first post, I grew up dancing ballet and I was outside playing with kids all day every day, so staying slim wasn’t too much of a responsibility.  But when college and corporate America came into the picture, my daily (!) chocolate chip cookie night caps and three servings of arroz con pollo started to catch up to me.  I literally remember the day when I got my blood results back from the docs and they said that my cholesterol was well over 200! WTH?? At 20?  

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer during this time and this (along with the doctors orders) was the catalyst to my goal of healthy living. I signed up for the Fitness First gym across from my home (and I really do mean across the street, no excuses!!) and I was there religiously with my trainer, Leon, who was very encouraging and a great teacher =) He showed me exercises on machines, with my body weight, with barbells, dumbbells the works. It really gave me the hope that I could do all this by myself even when he wasn’t there! Once I learned the ropes I went from a soft and doughy 142 to a lean, mean 116-118 over the course of about 2.5 years.

This is me at my lightest in DR

This is me at my lightest in DR

I never really saw myself as overweight, but I did see how my eating habits started to catch up with me. My clothes fit tightly, my stamina was horrible (mind out of the gutter!), and I felt overall lethargic during the day.  I cut back on eating portions, replaced red meat with turkey or chicken, and only indulged in my chocolaty snacks once in a while. All the while, I was helping my mom get back to her old self, and even getting my dad and little bro on board with some of the healthy eating habits.

Not only did I lose about 20 lbs but my dad lost 30 lbs over the course of the year and my mom has been cancer free (7 year survivor!!!).

My goals now are to stay fit and stay healthy. And sometimes that’s harder than losing weight!

Stay tuned to part II of my intro and Donda’s intro for her fitness story! =)


5 thoughts on “HELLO MY NAME IS… (PART 1)

  1. I think its awesome that you encouraged the rest of your fam just by example!..subsituting meat for chicken,shrimp or turkey is a good start for eating healthy. The prob for me is using the machines with no knowledge of how they work. Your story was inspirational. Cute intro =)

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  4. Sherina, this intro was great! I can really relate to the Arroz con Pollo:( that dish is like my ultimate weakness! Congrats to your mom on her recovery! That part of your intro was really touching to me. 7 yrs is AWESOME! May there be many more to come:)


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