Cycling is easily one of my favorite forms of cardio.  I previously went to my gym’s cycle class two to three times week.  I haven’t belonged to a gym in nearly a year so it was difficult to keep up my cycle habit without a membership since drop-in rates are so high and I don’t know how to ride a real bicycle anymore.  Just when I thought I’d never be able to put my foot to a pedal again, Groupon comes in and saves the day!


They offered a Groupon rate of $35 for 6 classes at CycleStudio.  As its name suggests, CycleStudio is a cycling studio located inAlexandria,VA. I took my first class, “Cycle- Strength & Stretch” on Saturday, March  17, which I didn’t know was St. Patrick’s Day until the class began and the instructor, Matt,  indicated that we would be spinning to songs made by, about, or for Irish people.


I was not pleased.


U2 and river dancing music do not inspire me to push myself physically. I prefer to spin to Top 40 remixes, songs that make you want to pop your booty on the bike.  Besides that the class did deliver on its promise to provide a “non-stop heart pounding workout on the bike” and end with “strength moves and power stretching to build your body and calm the mind”.  The strengthening moves were simple but intense and targeted muscles in my lower body that I wasn’t aware I had.  Off the bike, we completed yoga-like stretches that were a welcome relief from the intense cardio. The class was a really good workout and hopefully the music selection will be better for my remaining 5 classes.


2 thoughts on “CycleStudio

  1. I totally agree! I’ve taken classes from other instructors there and the music was better. Sadly, I just got an email on Sunday that the studio “has suspended operations” which means its basically shut down. It’s really werid because I just took a class on Saturday. I got the same groupon and took them up on their offer to purchase three unlimited months, so I’m waiting on refund information. 😦

    • I took classes after I wrote this and did enjoy the music and the instructors. I got an email too. It’s very unfortunate. I only had one more class left on my Groupon. I’m not sure how they’ll handle the refund situation. I might try out (and review) other studios in the area.

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