Some of the best workouts I’ve done since I started exercising were with my own body weight. Not only do isometric and plyometric exercises provide a great fat burn, but it’s cheaper than getting a gym membership!

 I started incorporating more non machine exercises into my workout because I would go to the gym (usually during peak hours during the workweek) and I would see a lot of people sitting, chatting, even reading (!!) on the machine. Literally, hogging up my time by doing everything but using the machine! Instead of turning into Hulkita (grrr!) and throwing them off (I said move dammit!), I decided use the free space around me to do exercises that used my body as resistance. And what do you know? It’s worked out wonderfully!!!

 The main thing when doing this is to make sure you have a spotter or a trainer to walk you through the proper form and movement for the first few tries. Without the support of padding and gears to guide your movement, you can easily injure yourself.  I have below a few examples of machine exercises that can be swapped for body exercises:

Machine Body
Squat Machine Squats (with or without weight!)
Chest Press Machine Push Ups
Cable Machine for Tricep Extension or Bicep Curls Tricep Chair Dips or Pull Ups   
Leg Curl Dead lift or bridges
Leg Extension Lunges

Using your body weight also helps with engaging your stabilizing muscles, which in turn burns more calories during your workout session. Get creative and use jugs as added weight or take your workout outside at a local park a bench for dips, or a tree or for pullups! If you have resistance bands and tie those around a stable, grounded item like a pole or tree to perform a variety of exercises. The possibilities are endless 🙂 When you use your body, you  can take the gym with you!



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