SensaZao Dance Fitness

On the recommendation of my former neighbor, on Tuesday I visited Sensazao Dance Fitness Studio located outside of D.C. in Alexandria,VA.  The class is simply titled

“Dance Fitness” and is described on the website as an

“efficient, challenging yet simple and cool workout. Within 50-60 minutes you will move to a combination of cardiovascular and toning routines that will easily burn hundreds of calories, improve memory and coordination skills, and most importantly: make you feel great. While we focus on an intense, stimulating and sauna-like sweating workout; it is greatly important to keep it safe and friendly so everyone is able to obtain satisfying results.”

My gripe about this class, and the studio, can be summed up in LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  The studio is located on the bottom level of Landmark Mall (eww) and I had to use the same entrance as the food court where the only Chick Fila in a 15 mile radius of me is located.  The greedy suburbanite that lives in me almost chucked the deuces up to the class to go get a delicious spicy chicken sandwich. I showed strength when faced with adversity and continued to the bottom level of the “mall” (we’re only calling it that wasteland a mall for lack of a better term) where I was faced yet again with another form of temptation.  The studio sits directly in front of a hair and beauty supply store and it took all of my strength not to indulge the 16 year old hood rat that lives in me (she is constantly beefing with the greedy suburbanite) by perusing the store for faux gold hoops and wigs.


I finally arrived at the studio and was pleased that it was very spacious and not crowded so there would be room for me to drop down and get my eagle on (which looks just like me flailing around wildly).  The size of the room left it impossible to stimulate a “sauna like” atmosphere as the website boasted, but I did manage to break a sweat trying to keep up with the peppy instructor, Kimberly, as she led us through mid-millennial Latin, reggae and remixed pop songs.   The class was mentally intense because it required coordination, a skill I am severely lacking, but it wasn’t that physically intense.  It is, however,  a good class to break up treadmill monotony.

If you’re interested, drop in rates are $7 and they have packages starting at 5 classes for $25.00. Website:


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